Shipment Monitoring

Roambee offers an innovative, smart-logistics multi-modal solution that delivers real-time visibility, tracking and condition monitoring of shipments in-transit. Cloud-based and easily accessed through a web portal, it's an on-demand, pay-as-you-go shipment monitoring solution.

Find Out What You're Missing

Enterprises typically lack real-time visibility for their shipments. As a result, risks, problems, and delays go undetected — until they result in higher supply chain costs and customer attrition. Fleet-tracking solutions can’t provide data on individual shipments and don’t work with leased vehicles. Solutions requiring staffing involve up-front costs and human error. Now, you can do better.

Data and Beyond:
Real-Time Event Alerts and Reporting

Roambee provides real-time data on shipment visibility. And that's just the beginning. , Our solution offers real-time event alerts for current location, temperature, tampering, humidity, light, air pressure (altitude), shock, delays, non-permitted movement, deviation from assigned route, change in ETA, and crossing of waypoints. Customers can also obtain real-time reporting, historical reporting, and actionable data analytics.

The Roambee solution requires no upfront investments in hardware or software. Information is cloud based and easily accessed through a web portal. The on-demand business model means companies pay only for the Roambee wireless tracking devices they use, when they use them. End-to-end application integration options (e.g. EDI, SAP) are also available. 

Roambee provides the ability to map historical data based on specific events such as movement, stops and waypoints

Roambee provides the ability to map historical data based on specific events such as movement, stops and waypoints

Roambee provides all the detailed stream data to enable trending and time series calculations.

Roambee provides all the detailed stream data to enable trending and time series calculations.

Automated Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

ePOD + Shipment Monitoring + BeeCentral

A powerful solution used by Hero Cycles and a large number of global enterprises to shrink detention, raise same day invoices, and reduce working capital.

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Roambee Tops the Competition

Roambee's innovative approach starts with a better tracking device, equipped with a long-life battery and an array of sensors that collect a wider range of shipment-critical data. While other services deliver a data-dump, Roambee's software analyzes information and delivers it in the form of actionable information: event alerts, reports, and analytics. Customers get exactly what they need for problem-solving, rapid response, and key business decisions — and can easily integrate this data into their in-house applications.

Roambee vs. Competitors

Many companies are competing for your consideration. This includes more than 8000 "GPS tracker" companies selling on Alibaba, in-market competitors like Ctrack, Loginext, FreightWatch, Sensaware, OnAsset, Trimble, Savi, and others. They unfairly distort the marketplace with expensive, complex hardware and non-scalable web applications.

Deciding who is the best choice for your needs can be daunting. Roambee has a deep understanding of the enterprise supply chain problems and provides end-to-end services that fully address the market needs. From battery life and power-source options to on-device data storage and multi-user, role-based access, Roambee delivers next-generation features unavailable elsewhere.

Roambee vs. Competitors

Roambee vs. RFID

100% pay-as-you-go - no upfront investments

Optional end-to-end application integration (e.g. SAP, EDI)

Customer defined real-time alerts, real-time reporting, historical reporting, and data analytics (e.g. delay causes)

Real-time visibility, tracking and condition monitoring of goods and assets (e.g. containers, pallets) in-transit

Other Services

Roambee also delivers global, on-demand, real-time visibility tracking and conditioning monitoring for assets in-field assets as well as 24/7 monitoring services.  Contact us today and see how Roambee can improve operational efficiencies, mitigate risk, and deliver measureable ROI for you.

BeeCentral Monitoring

Roambee's BeeCentral provides 24/7 active monitoring services that build on Roambee's data and reporting solutions. With real-time visibility of your shipments, the dedicated experts at BeeCentral are able to take immediate action, based on the customer's protocols, to address problems and evaluate potential threats as they occur.

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Asset Monitoring

Safeguard your assets in the field. Wireless “Bees” with long battery life provide the reliable information you need to reduce theft and abuse and track equipment location and inventory. The industry's only pay-as-you-go, "on-demand" model makes asset monitoring flexible, scalable, and affordable.

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