BeeCentral Monitoring

Roambee's BeeCentral active monitoring service builds on Roambee's data and reporting solutions to provide additional business efficiencies, mitigate risk, and elevate your ROI. With real-time visibility of your shipments and in-field assets, BeeCentral can take immediate action to address problems and evaluate potential threats when they occur.

The BeeCentral Service

  • Global responses centers on multiple continents
  • Flexible & on-demand scaling
  • Cost effective
  • Easy & integrated
  • Real-time visibility
  • Actionable reporting & predictive analytics
  • Worldwide load recovery services

The BeeCentral Advantage

  • Free up your resources & reduce expenses
  • Gain greater productivity & monitoring efficiency
  • Reduce risks & improve response speed, accuracy
  • Get faster proof of delivery & compliance
  • Enhance chain of custody accountability
  • Improve reporting data & business insights
  • Increase competitive advantage

24/7 Active Monitoring Goods and Assets

Active monitoring frees up a company's in-house resources and puts rapid response to security issues in the hands of dedicated experts.

BeeCentral customers work with these experts to set up preferred protocols and security plans for their shipments and in-field assets. Once those are in place, BeeCentral is authorized to take immediate action to protect a shipment if a potential or actual problem occurs.

BeeCentral can notify on-site security, call law enforcement, contact third-party transport companies, or engage with appropriate members of your team – all per your established protocols. Reporting data about the problem, and BeeCentral's response is immediately available to the customer through the web portal.

BeeCentral can take the lead in responding when there are indications of deviations in route, schedule, controlled shipment temperature, security, and other Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), including vehicle crashes.

Benefits of Active Monitoring

  • Free up your in-house resources and/or reduce expense
  • Predict and reduce risks
  • Ensure timely, effective responses when problems occur
  • Streamline processes and reporting for theft recovery and insurance claims

How BeeCentral Works

1. Bee Central Set-up

Roambee consults with you to determine how many Bees you need for your shipments or assets, and where and when you need them. We configure Bees to provide the data you want and set the protocols for your alerts. You define success metrics and SLAs and ensure the order data's entry import and integrity.  You'll also decide how you want to return Bees when you aren't using them.

2. Observation and Reaction

Your Bees are at work. In this stage, BeeCentral does the heavy lifting for you, monitoring the condition and location of your shipments or assets. Using your established protocols and incoming data, we assess situations as they arise in real-time, send alerts, and take actions you've authorized. You can access your data, reports, and BeeCentral tools monitoring and management tools through the secure web portal. Plus, you have a direct phone extension to reach your BeeCentral team if you need to make a request for action.

3. Reporting and Analytics

Through the web portal, you can access post-shipment documentation and performance reports. These include automated incident/shipment-based billing, automated reporting for internal or 3rd parties, compliance reporting, and custom reports from sensor and other data to measure and optimize your supply chain.

4. Issue Resolution

If there's an issue with your assets or shipment, the BeeCentral support team can work with local law enforcement, insurance claims, hazard response, theft recovery coordination, and hazardous situation or disaster response on your behalf.

"Bee" Proactive, Not Reactive

Threats and loss are measured beyond the cost of a stolen goods or assets. Loss of control could expose a company to significant risks such as loss of sales opportunity, negative public relations, loss of customer trust, government  investigation, and additional internal work cycles.

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