Monitoring Services

Roambee provides real-time monitoring and tracking as a fully managed service. No need to invest in expensive hardware, data connectivity, and software — Roambee sends you the device that’s right for the job and configures your system to provide the information you request. Get audit trails, real-time alerts, map views, shipment reports, aggregate reports, plus custom reports and business intelligence tailored to your company’s unique requirements. You pay only when your Bees are in use. Scale your Roambee services up — or down — to fit your needs and business cycles.

The Bee

Roambee's monitoring services take advantage of the multi-sensor capabilities of rugged, wireless tracking devices called "Bees." Equipped with long-life batteries, the 6-ounce Bees are easily attached to or included in shipments or assets, where they send real-time data to Roambee's cloud-based industry apps built on Honeycomb.

Dimensions are 5.2 x 3.2 x 1 in. // 130 x 80 x 25 mm ; 11 oz. //317 g

Cloud-Based Data with Web Portal Access & Mobile Apps

Roambee's data lives in the cloud where customers can easily access their information from a web portal or mobile apps. You can gain or can share, greater communication transparency and collaboration between various stakeholders receiving their shipments or leasing their assets access to that same portal so that everyone has accurate information. Get alerts, reporting, and predictive analytics as well as tools for rapid input of data for assets and shipping.

Real-Time Alert Examples

ETA change, device tampering, GPS jamming, deviation from assigned route, speed threshold deviations, passed waypoint, transporter SLA violations, temperature threshold deviations, humidity deviations, door open or close light exposure, gas emissions, container impact or tipping, pressure change, schedule delays.

Reports and Data Analytics

Route optimization, demurrage/detention accountability, improved asset utilization, delivery time prediction, theft risk, chain of custody, quality of service index, resource optimization, and customized reports for specific needs.

Productivity and Automation

API integration, templates for shipment setup, shipment data automation, bulk data editing, cloud-based platform, customer report generation.

Plus, Robust Reporting and Analytics

Shipment Monitoring

Get real-time insights into your shipments in transit. Pay-as-you-go wireless devices (“Bees”) deliver visibility, tracking, and condition monitoring—with no upfront costs for hardware or software. Cloud-based data, reports, and analytics are included from an easy-to-access web portal and mobile apps.

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Asset Monitoring

Safeguard your assets in the field. Wireless “Bees” with long battery life provide the reliable information you need to reduce theft and abuse and track equipment location and inventory. The industry's only pay-as-you-go, "on-demand" model makes asset monitoring flexible, scalable, and affordable.

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BeeCentral Monitoring

Roambee's BeeCentral provides 24/7 active monitoring services that build on Roambee's data and reporting solutions. With real-time visibility of your shipments, the dedicated experts at BeeCentral are able to take immediate action, based on the customer's protocols, to address problems and evaluate potential threats as they occur.

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