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Warehouse & Yard Utilization

The Impact on Your Business

Warehouse and manufacturing yard space represent real-estate expense and overhead for your company. More efficient and effective space utilization of this space can help reduce inventory holding costs.  Avoid inventory placement redundancies and help speed up items’ turn-around time with a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) model with Roambee. With our Bee and BeeBeacons, you can quickly create an indoor virtual tracking zone. Combined with Roambee’s real-time data and analytics, you’ll be more proactive and prepared for your stocking plan even before the shipment arrives. Plus, effective placement and management helps maximize usage of warehouse and yard real-estate. Running a cold chain operation? Reduce item wastage by ensuring fewer days in storage, or identifying warehouse temperature “hot spots” which could lead to spoilage of goods.

The Roambee Approach

1. Attach BeeBeacons to every item or asset you wish to monitor in the indoor facility or yard.
2. Create virtual tracking zones, “BeeZones,” using Roambee’s Bees or turn your smartphone into a Bee with our “Mobile as a Bee” app.
3. Get asset, item or movement data within the zone, or a summary of each zones’ activity.
4. The BeeCentral team identifies ageing assets, improperly utilized zones, and coordinates with your local staff to improve their utilization.


  • Each Bee covers a 50 to 100 foot radius
  • Diagram reflects 50, 75, and 100 foot ranges
  • All gaps are filled with one Bee per 10,000 square feet




  • Virtual Zone Based Reports
  • Inventory Count by Zone

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