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Returnable Supply Chain Assets Monitoring

Pallets, Bins, Tubs, Totes: In Your Warehouse or In-Transit

Returnable and re-useable supply chain assets include pallets, bin, tubs, and totes. Whether you own or rent this equipment, you are carrying the cost of asset inventory on your books. These assets are at risk for misplacement, theft, or loss as they move between and around customers’ facilities and your companies’ locations.

Reduce loss - and related expenses - by improving your ability to recovery them with Roambee. By using Roambee’s Bee + BeeBeacons solution, you can monitor individual supply chain assets like containers, bins, and totes wherever they may be in your distribution cycle – indoors, outdoors, or in-transit. Reduce your inventory loss, increase asset’s utilization, and decrease expenses!

This use case applies to many industries, including: Automotive, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, 3PL & Logistics, Fresh & Frozen Foods, and Oil & Gas, Utilities.

The Roambee Approach

1. Attach BeeBeacons to each returnable/re-useable pallet, tote, tub, or bin.
2. Use Roambee’s Bees or “Mobile as a Bee” app to monitor those assets across “virtual zones” whether they are located in-transit, inside your facility, or outdoors in equipment yards.
3. Ageing data, audit trail and “last seen” data are used to drive further inform utilization & reduce asset loss.
4. BeeCentral works with your field teams to improve utilization or recover a lost asset promptly.

End-to-End Visibility




  • Virtual Zone Based Reports
  • Inventory Count by Zone
  • Asset Based Reports


  • Virtual Zone Based Alerts

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