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Indoor & Yard Inventory Audits

Across Your Warehouses and Yards

If you are conducting manual audits for your high-value parcels, warehouse equipment, or on-site construction equipment, you can save critical time, money, and man-hours while ensuring better accuracy of inventory count. Roambee’s Bee + BeeBeacons solution can help you get real-time inventory status of your important parcels or assets in your warehouse or yard at the click of a mouse – thereby reducing expenses and increasing your bottom line.

The Roambee Approach

1. Attach BLE based BeeBeacons to every item or asset you wish to monitor in the indoor facility or yard.
2. Create “virtual zones” using our Bees or turn your smartphone into a Bee (using the “Mobile as a Bee” app) to locate the BeeBeacons.
3. Know your inventory count, type, movements, what is missing, and more at any time.
4. Use BeeCentral to alert you of exceptions, and to coordinate immediate response to address those alerts with your field teams.


  • Each Bee covers a 50 to 100 foot radius
  • Diagram reflects 50, 75, and 100 foot ranges
  • All gaps are filled with one Bee per 10,000 square feet




  • Inventory Count by Zone


  • Virtual Zone Based Alerts

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Join hundreds of companies across the globe already using Roambee's innovative technology and affordable "pay-as-you-go" model to monitor their shipments and their assets in the field, with no upfront investment in hardware or software.

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