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Indoor & Yard Asset Recovery

Across Your Warehouses and Yards

Have you ever misplaced or lost your agriculture, construction equipment, or warehouse equipment from remote locations or even inside your own facilities? If so, it takes precious man-hours and resources to find it, if you are even able to, once you realized it was lost. Time is of the essence when it comes to improving your chance of recovering an asset. With Roambee’s BeeBeacon and Bees, you will know precisely where your assets were last seen, will be alerted instantly if it moves away from its assigned locations. Roambee’s BeeCentral team can also monitor you assets 24/7, and take immediate action in coordination with your staff to recover an asset before it gone for good.

The Roambee Approach

1. Tag each asset with BeeBeacons.
2. Create “virtual zones” in your yard or warehouse using our Bees acting as hotspots. You can also use Roambee’s “Mobile as a Bee” app while walking the floor regularly.
3. Know instantly when an asset has been moved out of its approved virtual zone; alternatively find missing or misplaced assets during an audit.
4. Use BeeCentral to keep you informed of anomalies 24x7 and to initiate prompt action with your field staff or local law-enforcement.


  • Each Bee covers a 50 to 100 foot radius
  • Diagram reflects 50, 75, and 100 foot ranges
  • All gaps are filled with one Bee per 10,000 square feet




  • Virtual Zone Based Reports
  • Asset Based Reports


  • Virtual Zone Based Alerts

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