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In-Field Asset Utilization

For Asset Owners and Renters

Quickly improve your bottom lines by better utilizing your vehicles or equipment. Unused assets in the field, or misplaced/poorly distributed assets at your customer locations result in lost opportunities for rentals and revenue. Match planning projections with real-time asset deployment to increase your revenue per asset and reduce idle times with Roambee’s location monitoring. Increase attention and elevate response time with BeeCentral, ensuring your SLAs are being met 24/7.

This use case applies to many industries, including: Construction, Heavy Equipment & Equipment Rental, and Oil & Gas, Utilities.

The Roambee Approach

1. Generate your asset deployment plans manually or using your ERP.
2. Monitor your asset’s location in real-time using our Bees.
3. Match planning with asset movement to derive optimal routing.
4. Use BeeCentral to promptly address deviations from plan in real-time 24x7.




  • Asset Utilization Reports (by asset, by hub)


  • Geofence Entry/Exit
  • Stops (idling)

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Join hundreds of companies across the globe already using Roambee's innovative technology and affordable "pay-as-you-go" model to monitor their shipments and their assets in the field, with no upfront investment in hardware or software.

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