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End-to-End Item-Level Monitoring

In Your Warehouse, Yard, and In-Transit

GPS vehicle trackers only go as far as tracking your vehicle as a unit. If you do not own the vehicle transporting your goods, or you have a multi-modal shipment transportation, it gets even more difficult to monitor it in real-time.

Warehouse monitoring solutions like RFID, are expensive due to infrastructure setup and man-hour costs*. You’re left without a cost-effective, scalable method to monitor goods in your warehouse and in-transit at a per-item level.

Roambee’s Bee + BeeBeacon solution is the industry’s first in-transit hotspot and package level monitoring solution. It creates “virtual tracking zones,” enabling you to monitor packages throughout your warehouse or yard.

By monitoring goods at this unmatched level of granularity, you can be assured of package and asset safety inside, outside, and in-transit, ensure greater efficiency with last-mile deliveries, and get actionable information and analytics for optimal routing thereby lowering your logistics “cost per delivery.”

*See the Roambee’s BeeBeacon solutions vs RFID comparison

This use case applies to many industries, including: Automotive, Pharma & Life Sciences, Electronics, Consumer Goods, 3PL & Logistics, and Chemicals.

The Roambee Approach

1. Attach BeeBeacons to each item. Create virtual tracking zones with Bees or use the Roambee “Mobile as a Bee” app in the warehouse or in-transit.
2. The Bees or your mobile device senses the package IDs entering/exiting within its range.
3. Monitor items moving in and out of your zone, and items that go missing.
4. Use BeeCentral to action upon missed/wrong deliveries in-transit or improperly placed assets in a warehouse 24x7.

End-to-End Visibility




  • Virtual Zone Based Reports
  • Asset Based Reports


  • Virtual Zone Based Alerts

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