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In-Field Asset Recovery

For Asset Owners or Renters

Have you – or one of your customers – ever misplaced or lost one of your fleet’s vehicles, or leased heavy-equipment? If so, you likely took a hit on your insurance, plus the cost and nuisance of paperwork, investigation, etc. You may never have even recovered it or it took many costly man-hours to locate it where it finally was. With Roambee’s Bees, you will be able to monitor your assets in real-time and recover it within hours or just a few days. Plus, Roambee’s BeeCentral teams monitors your assets 24/7, and takes immediate action in coordination with your field staff to help recover expensive assets with minimal fuss.

For Asset Financiers

As an asset financier, you may have waited up to six months to recover a delinquent vehicle or asset from a borrower. With Roambee’s Bees and BeeCentral team, you will be able to recover delinquent assets in days and save money by auctioning them out promptly. You may also predict delinquency by knowing sudden changes in asset utilization patterns – for example is idle, or showing suspicious movement within assigned areas.

This use case applies to many industries, including: Construction, Heavy Equipment & Equipment Rental, and Oil & Gas, Utilities.

The Roambee Approach

1. Place a Bee on each field asset.
2. Be alerted of potential risk through alerts for tampering, route deviation, or geo-fence violations.
3. Use BeeCentral to communicate and coordinate with your field staff and local law-enforcement to recover the asset more quickly.
4. As a financier or renter, you can prevent defaults by analyzing asset usage patterns and preventively recovering assets before they disappear or go into default.




  • Region-wise inventory reports
  • Asset audit trail


  • Geofence entry/exit
  • Asset movement

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