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End-to-End Loss & Theft Prevention of Goods

Across Your Warehouse and In-Transit

GPS based tracking systems can help ensure your fleet’s safety, but do little when it comes to the safety of your individual packages. When it comes to warehouse monitoring and safety, technologies like RFID are cumbersome to setup and expensive*. Supply chains around the world suffer from the inability to monitor goods at a package level.

Now, Roambee is enabling enterprises globally to monitor goods not just in-transit, but in the warehouses, yards, and ports too with the industry’s first in-transit, battery operated BLE/Wi-Fi/GSM hotspot and beacon solution for packages in the supply chain. This solution also works indoors and outdoors in yards and warehouses.

Loss and theft can be prevented by immediately initiating action when tagged packages move out of their assigned zones, whether it is in a warehouse or a truck out for delivery. Route deviations and unauthorized stops can also indicate risk, so Roambee’s BeeCentral service works 24/7 to take prompt action which a potential threat arises, and can initiate recovery action if an item is stolen or lost.

GlaxoSmithKline’s Project Suraksha (Safety) or CEAT’s Material Department have both proven that Roambee is the preferred choice when it comes to goods loss and prevention across the enterprise.

*See how the BeeBeacon solution compares to RFID

This use case applies to many industries, including: Automotive, Pharma & Life Sciences, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, 3PL & Logistics, and Fresh & Frozen Foods.

The Roambee Approach

1. Use BeeBeacons (with in-built light sensors) on items in the warehouses or in-transit with Bees or Roambee’s “Mobile as a Bee” app as the hotspot. You can also use Bees as a standalone solution.
2. Use the BeeLock as an additional security feature for shipments in-transit.
3. Configure routes, authorized lock opening zones, door/package opening warnings, restricted time movement, and authorized delivery zones for your goods in your supply chain.
4. Use BeeCentral to promptly investigate rule exceptions in real-time to mitigate risk and help recover lost goods more quickly.

End-to-End Visibility




  • Rules & Decision Engine


  • Restricted Time Movement
  • Virtual Zone Based Reports


  • Tamper (door or package open/close)
  • Route Deviation
  • Stops
  • Restricted Time Movement
  • Virtual Zone Based Alerts

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It’s Easy to Get Started with Roambee

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