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End-to-End Cold Chain Monitoring

In Your Warehouse, In-Transit, and Stores

Data loggers, which have dominated the cold chain industry for decades, have major drawbacks. For example, when using a data logger, you will only have “after the fact” temperature trails. These are less meaningful, since your goods may already have been compromised, spoiled, or contaminated.

Truck based GPS and or warehouse temperature monitoring systems can provide data about the cold storage, but only at a macro level (such as a truck or a particular region in the warehouse), and not at a package level despite temperature variations even within enclosed environments. This can lead to expensive damage of goods despite the presence of these monitoring solutions.

Roambee provides global, end to end visibility and condition monitoring across your temperature-sensitive supply chain – in your warehouse, in-transit, or the point of customer sale. Using our Bee and BeeBeacon solutions, we can monitor your perishable goods at an item-level granularity. Plus, with BeeCentral, we can take immediate action across the chain of custody when any of the package conditions, such as changes in temperature or humidity, threaten its integrity.

This use case applies to many industries, including: Pharma & Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, 3PL & Logistics, and Fresh & Frozen Foods.

The Roambee Approach

1. Place BeeBeacons on the items and use Bees to create virtual Beezones, or use the “Mobile as a Bee” app as mobile gateways. Remember, you can also continue to use Bees as a standalone devices to monitor real-time temperature, as well.
2. Configure safe conditions thresholds – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure.
3. Get real-time information into the location, time, cause and extent of excursions, along with Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT).
4. Use BeeCentral to take immediate action on condition excursions by contacting those who are handling the goods when the alert is incurred, thereby preventing spoilage.

End-to-End Visibility




  • Temperature with accuracy of ±0.1 °C

  • Humidity with accuracy <2%

  • Pressure with accuracy ±0.25% (1m in 400m)

  • Package-wise reports


  • Temperature excursion (including MKT)

  • Humidity excursion

  • Pressure excursion

  • Door open sensing (using light sensor)

  • Package-level excursion alerts

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It’s Easy to Get Started with Roambee

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