September 6, 2021
September 6, 2021

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Keeping Pharma Supply Chains Healthy

Reducing Counterfeit Medicines

Reducing Counterfeits

Providing insights into theft and tamper at a series-level

Having an accurate, auditable chain of custody through real-time monitoring with blockchain

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Cold chain monitoring

Preventing Expiration Date Issues

Ensuring action is taken before your cold chain vaccines cross their temperature thresholds

Preventing damaged stock from entering the market

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Inter modal Cargo Visibility

Meeting Market Demand While Maintaining Optimal Stock

Enabling on-time delivery of medicines to dealers, pharmacies, and hospitals

Reducing inventory holding cost without increasing risk by bringing predictability into delivery schedules

Auto rescheduling windows of deliveries when ETAs change

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Pharma conditioning Monitoring

Getting Auditability of the Unpredictable

Improving visibility of cargo handling and environmental conditions impacting the goods

Accounting for insurance responsibilities in the chain of custody

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When Was the Last Time Your Supply Chain Had a 'Check-up?’

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