September 6, 2021
Consumer Goods
September 6, 2021

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Assembling a Robust Supply Chain for Manufacturing

Roambee Customer Schneider-Electric
Roambee Customer Siemens
Roambee Customer Mercedes-Benz
Roambee Customer Magna
Roambee Customer Denso
Smart Warehousing

Making Warehouses Smart with No Networking Infrastructure

Creating virtual zones with none of the RFID setup hassles

Saving crucial person-hours in finding items to ship

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Demand Signals

Meeting Market Demand While Maintaining Optimal Stock

Enabling on-time delivery of shipments to customers

Knowing raw material arrival timings accurately to run an uninterrupted manufacturing operation

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Track Reusable Package

Reducing Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) in the Supply Chain

Tracking returnable packaging across vendors and customers without fixing any readers at their facilities

Enabling the retrieval of pallets, bins, and totes promptly after shipment delivery

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Yard Management System

Reducing Truck Detention Cost

Speeding up load/unload times

Increasing the vehicle throughout per facility

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