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November 18, 2021
September 2, 2022

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Managing Fresh Food Supply Chains

Fresh Food Logistics

Keeping a Tab on Food Quality Across Modes of Transport

Detecting environmental changes that could affect food quality

Ensuring spoilt food doesn’t enter the market

Providing spoilage data and analytics in real time at a package-level

Read more about cold chain monitoring for spoilage

Food Inventory Management

Keeping Track of Expiring Stock

Creating virtual tracking zones in any warehouse or store

Ensuring low-shelf life goods don’t overstay their ‘best by’ date

Read more about real-time inventory management

Food Delivery ETA

Replenishing Promptly as Needed; Preventing Stock-outs

Bringing predictability on arrival times

Enabling companies to match fluctuating product demand on short notice

Read more about delivering on time even with multimodal shipments

Fresh Produced Logistics

Enabling Dispatch of Large Volumes Without Delays

Speeding up load/unload times at warehouses and stores

Reducing detention in the supply chain through auditability

Read more about yard monitoring

Reuse Container Inventory

Running a Lean Pallet Operation

Knowing the distribution of reusable container inventory (kegs, bins, etc.) across the supply chain

Getting inventory count without setting up any readers or antennas at any vendor or customer locations

Retrieving reusable containers on time and routing them optimally

Read more about returnable shipping assets monitoring

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