September 6, 2021
September 6, 2021

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Hitting Cruise Control on Automotive Supply Chains

Delivering Automotive Shipment

Preventing Stockouts at Dealerships

Delivering finished goods and spare parts on-time and in-full, irrespective of the mode of transport (road, rail, or sea) in your automotive supply chain.

Fixing gaps in the supply chain to make deliveries more predictable

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Returnable Container in Supply Chain

Reducing Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) in the automotive Supply Chain

Tracking returnable containers across vendors and customers without infrastructure

Enabling the retrieval of bins and totes promptly after shipment delivery

Preventing aging of reusable containers and their subsequent loss

Read more about returnable container management

Automotive Inventory Management

Speeding Up Vehicle Inventory Processing at Yards

Enabling instant physical identification of finished vehicles to ship at large facilities

Improving turnaround time of inspections before shipping or on arrival

Read more on real-time inventory management

GPS Smart Lock

Protecting Theft-Prone Goods, and Intellectual Property

Providing definitive tamper alerts using smart locking technology

Establishing a verifiable chain of custody for proprietary molds

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