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Honeycomb Visibility Platform

Business inefficiency and risk is amplified when supply chain visibility data is inaccurate, time-delayed, or in a form that isn’t actionable. The Honeycomb Supply Chain Visibility Platform is Roambee’s answer to generate reliably actionable supply chain visibility at scale by leveraging sensor data, curated external data, and incorporating your business rules in context. Use Honeycomb with Roambee’s sensors or your own sensor devices, integrate it with your enterprise systems, and build custom apps or solutions of your choice.


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Features and Benefits

Deploy Sensors at Scale

Manage Sensor Inventory Efficiently

The Honeycomb Supply Chain Visibility Platform makes managing sensor inventory a breeze. You can monitor more shipments or assets per sensor, move sensor inventory from one location to another more efficiently, and ensure stock at shipment origins or facilities of use.

Provision Sensors Remotely

Honeycomb offers innovative ways to provision sensors. They include fine-tuning sensors for optimal update frequencies, battery life, and mode of transport. They also include increasing the reporting frequency when entering risk zones and seamlessly associating shipments/assets.

Keep a Tab on Sensor Health

The Honeycomb Supply Chain Visibility Platform provides you with all the details about the health of your sensors on a single dashboard including the remaining battery life, the firmware version, network availability, and errors (if any). You can also deep dive into a particular sensor’s health.

Blend Sensor & Non-Sensor Intelligence

Live, First-Hand Sensor Location & Condition

Capture the most accurate, granular, and timely location and condition information about your shipments, inventory, and assets using Roambee’s suite of purpose-built sensors. Even ingest first-hand data from your own existing sensors.

Curated External Data for Added Context

Access actionable information about your shipments, inventory, and assets as well as contextual factors through integrations with your enterprise system data, freight-forwarder data (e.g. ePOD, flight or vessel #), milestone data like Cargo IQ and Ocean IQ, traffic, weather, and global risks.

The Picture is Complete When Blended

Combine accurate first-hand sensor data with actionable external data streams for the most reliably actionable understanding of your multimodal shipments, inventory, and assets within a single visibility pane.

Define Your Business Rules

Add Location and Time-Based Rules

Configure business rules within the Honeycomb Supply Chain Visibility Platform to define important location and temporal alert thresholds, e.g. night-time transport halts for cargo security, inventory aging alerts, and geofences to stay within best-performing routes.

Add Condition Thresholds

Configure safe thresholds on Honeycomb for predictive condition intelligence, signals, and alerts. Examples include: Temperature for food or pharma shipments, tilt thresholds for sensitive and breakable vaccine shipments, and shock thresholds for easily damageable electronics

Create & Manage Users

The Honeycomb Supply Chain Visibility Platform offers multiple user roles and permissions to effectively collaborate across thousands of enterprise users globally. You can share relevant information with various actors in the supply chain and also restrict specific access to certain users or groups.

Generate Meaningful Signals

Reliable ETA

Deliver up to 70% more accurate multimodal ETAs over consumer ETA calculations through the use of machine learning based predicted models auto-trained on historical patterns per lane, real-time waiting at ports and check points, and other relevant factors.

Live MKT

Access signals in real time like Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT) to enable faster and more accurate decisions regarding need to intervene and rescue shipments, accept or reject goods even before arrival, or avoid excursions by predicting and avoiding riskiest lanes and transporters.

More Signals to Build Upon

The Honeycomb Supply Chain Visibility Platform delivers a wealth of actionable signals which you can use individually or together for timely warnings such as security breaches, rich insights such as inventory replenishment signals, or even to predict if you’ll meet your KPIs.

A True Enterprise Platform

Build & Expand on It

You can integrate Honeycomb signals into your own systems using our APIs and build your own apps on top of Honeycomb to address your own specific challenges. If you are a Roambee partner, you can also build your own new solution with ease using the platform.

Host it on Any Cloud

Do you work with sensitive information that cannot leave your enterprise servers? Honeycomb is cloud agnostic and can be hosted in private, community, or hybrid cloud environments to address your requirements.

Trust That Your Data is Secure

The Honeycomb Supply Chain Visibility Platform has in-built security features such as two-factor authentication to ensure your data remains safe, secure, and anonymous. It is also 21 CFR Part 11 compliant: critical for most pharmaceutical data standards.

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