Frequently Asked Questions

How does Roambee’s service work?

Roambee’s goods and assets monitoring solution uses a wireless device called a Bee and cloud-based software platform. Roambee provides an on-demand service, which includes all necessary devices and software. There’s no expensive hardware for you to purchase and no complicated software to maintain.

Each Bee contains a full array of sensors that monitor your goods and assets condition and location. Unlike GPS-based devices, Bee’s work inside metal containers, making them ideal for shipment monitoring.  Bees arrive at your business set up and ready to go. Each Bee will run up to months (based on an hourly ping rate) on a single battery charge. They can be used on any transport carrier, anywhere in the world, and provide complete end to end inter-modal coverage.

Add Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled BeeBeacons to monitor at a package or item-level. Use the Bees and BeeBeacons on as many shipments or assets as you wish – indoors, outdoors, in-field or in-transit.

When done, simply send the Bees back to Roambee. With our on-demand, flat-rate pricing and suite of services we aim to deliver the greatest value and flexibility in the industry.

What sensors are included in each Bee?

Each Bee contains eight sensors. These are location, temperature, humidity, shock (impact), light exposure (container opened), tampering (attempted device removal), tilt, GSM jamming, and air pressure. Use one, some, or all as your specific business requirements demand.

How big are the Bees? Are they durable?

Each Bee is approximately 3.2” wide x 5.2” long x 1” thick (80mm x 130mm x 25mm). They weigh approximately 11.02 ounces (317.5 grams). Bees are very rugged and water-resistant. If you’d like technical specs, please contact 

What types of alerts will I receive?

Roambee is “your trusted dot on the map.” With real-time alerts, you know when something is not right with any of your in-transit goods or in-field assets.

Alerts are sent via SMS or email and can be viewed in greater detail using your personal dashboard inside the Roambee access portal. Type of alerts includes delivery delays, changes in estimated time of arrival, deviation from assigned routes, notifications on crossing user-defined waypoints, non-permitted shipment movement, temperature thresholds breached, package tampering, goods dropped or tipped, and much more. Alerts can also be customized to your needs. Please contact for additional information. 

What types of analytics and reports will I receive?

Roambee provides a portfolio of comprehensive analytic and reporting options from which to choose. These reports provide important information about your shipments as well as fuel valuable insights and foresight into opportunities for optimization, improvement, or issue resolution.

Reports can be sent automatically within your defined parameters or accessed in real-time via your personal dashboard inside the Roambee access portal. Type of reports includes alert “heat maps,” aggregate shipment or asset data, statistical data (distributions or deviations from averages or means), transporter/lane performance, and much more.

Reports can be aggregated with other information you collect or customized for your needs. Please contact for additional information.

What’s an access portal?

Roambee gives you real-time visibility into the status of your shipments or assets via the access portal. Just log in to the password-protected site to view most current reporting and data of your shipments.

The portal can be accessed through most web browsers. The site has an intuitive, easy to use interface, and allows for easy exporting of data to Excel or PDF. Please contact for a demonstration of the Access Portal in action.

Who can view the access portal?

Only Roambee customers can enter the password-protected access portal, and only users designated by your company administrator can then see your business dashboard inside the access portal. Please contact for a demonstration of the access portal in action.

How many users can view the access portal and how are the users managed?

There’s virtually no limit on the number of users we can provision. Users are designated by your company administrator.

When is Technical Support available?

Roambee’s technical support is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm Local Time, excluding holidays.  Support is available through email at

I have additional questions, who do I contact?

You have questions? We have answers, and we'd welcome the opportunity to chat with you! Please contact us at with any questions or to arrange an on-line, real-time demonstration of Roambee.

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