Damage Monitoring

How the Service Works

Damage Monitoring


We deliver wire-free, hassle-free, and CAPEX-free tracking hardware and support wherever and whenever you need them, whether it's at your shipment’s origin or your vendor's source.

Damage Monitoring


Tag and monitor with our compact and rugged sensors; get live data on location, condition, and handling for everything from large shipments and pallet loads down to individual packages.

Damage Monitoring

3. USE

Let our platform and control tower combine live data with automation and AI-enabled predictive analytics to guarantee a quick and effective resolution for incidents in-transit.

Damage Monitoring


Mail the reusable tracking hardware back to us after they've run their course, or let us know where we can retrieve them for you; we handle end-to-end recovery and redeployment.

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Don't worry about how your shipments or packages are doing.

Don't worry about how your shipments or packages are doing.

Live Condition

We track live location, condition, and handling of fragile cargo or products across any storage or sorting facility, carrier, or mode of transport, anywhere in the world.

Delivery Compliance

Understand where a well-laid process breaks down, what is affecting the shipment, and who is responsible.

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Cargo Damage

Gauge the impact of shipping conditions or bad handling on the go with live data on shipping conditions and handling via the web; no other hardware, software, or analysis needed.


Identify the carriers, modes, and routes where fragile goods fare best so you can work on or weed out the rest.

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Reduce Response Time

Leverage live alerts and our control tower to reduce response time, improve decisions, and increase the odds of salvaging shipments in danger to make deliveries on time, in full.

Reduce Wastage

Do better than your best to deliver in full, minimize physical and financial waste when shipping fragile cargo.

Reduce Issues

Use verifiable data trails to reduce the time it takes to evaluate incidents, resolve conflicts, and expedite insurance claims.

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