Roambee’s AI in Action

Why Roambee AI?

Businesses often struggle to make prompt decisions despite knowing where goods and assets are.

That’s because there is a significant delay while analyzing real-time data and translating that into a better understanding of the risks to business, customer commitment, or downstream efficiency; not to mention the lead time it takes to decide what the best course of action is going forward, and of course, acting on it.

In order to truly empower you with data that you can trust, decipher in seconds, use “right then & there,” and act without further need for analysis, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a “business-friendly view” of location and condition data that’s collected by our sensor networks in the field.

How Does Roambee AI Impact Your Business?

Roambee’s AI not only predicts, it also prescribes the right course of action through past pattern analytics, data from multiple sources, and leveraging live sensor data intelligence for a more accurate real-world view and realistic rapid response. It analyses and recommends what you should be doing to run an efficient and risk-free business “on-the-go” through the web, mobile, as well as your enterprise software.

Whether it’s planning your inventory replenishment dynamically, re-scheduling your window of delivery based on ETA changes, deciding on the best course of action for your cold chain shipments (salvage or re-ship), understanding if a container opening is truly a security risk or not, or planning returnable container stock transfers to meet fluctuating demand, Roambee’s AI enables you to act on it more promptly.

If you are running a large-scale operation, our 24x7 control tower “BeeCentral” can even initiate and manage corrective actions on your behalf.

How is Roambee’s AI Different from Logistics & Supply Chain AI Tools?

“Trust” and “business-friendliness” are core to Roambee’s AI & analytics.

Most of the AI that powers ERP, WMS, TMS, or other enterprise software rely on manual data inputs to make decisions. It not only increases the scope of error but also is not in real time. Many last mile delivery solutions use AI too however, they are limited to just a segment of your supply chain.

Roambee’s purpose-built sensor technology works indoors, outdoors, and in-transit. Covering the entire supply chain from warehouse to last mile, Roambee’s sensors provide “real,” “real-time,” and “relevant” data as fuel to its AI engine. Automated data collection ensures zero delays and complete accuracy — two cornerstones to building a more reliable real-time supply chain management strategy!

Our experience working with hundreds of global companies and a multitude of industry use-cases has given us a better understanding of the business outcomes that companies want through the application of AI & analytics, making our AI business-friendly.

What More Can Roambee’s AI Do?

Roambee’s AI not only provides a business-friendly view of your goods and assets monitoring data, but also plays a crucial part in assimilating and instantly validating important data points across multiple data streams for faster and better decision-making.

An example is how our AI-driven, sensor-informed RPA bot matches flight manifests without requiring API integrations with hundreds of airline portals that you may need to use in order to ship — making ETA predictions about your air cargo’s arrival spot-on, and allowing you to better plan downstream operations.

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