Follow Shipments In Real-Time

The Roambee service makes locating your stuff fast, on-demand and easy.

A faster way to locate shipments

Roambee gives you the power of knowing in real time and on-demand where your shipments are. From your smartphone or online, whether is 10 yards or 10 time zones away, you can spot your shipment in seconds.

A simpler way to communicate

Setup your placemarks and places of interests to get the Bee to report when your shipments enter or exit an area. The Bee remembers and knows when to report and what to report.

A seamless way to work

Monitor shipments in transit without a lot of extra effort. Now you and your team/customers can make better decisions faster than ever.

Why Roambee

  • Pay as you go

    No investment in hardware or data plans to subscribe to. You can choose to track for a few days or for a few months. You pay only for the shipment you want to track.

  • Easy to use

    Simply place the Bee (tracker) we send you with the shipment. You will receive tracking updates now even if your shipment is put in another container or vehicle. The Bee will keep working for you without missing a beat. We took care of the complicated stuff so you do not have to.

  • Highly intelligent

    Comprehensive tracking data is delivered to you with every Roambee tracking package you order. You never worry about expensive data plans and complicated installation. The Bee provides real time intelligent data based on options purchased.

  • Always accurate

    Our service tracks shipments indoors and outdoors with higher location accuracy. And the battery will last to track your shipments anywhere in the world.

Our Customers